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In Light Wellness Systems



In Light LED Light TherapyI am excited to announce the introduction of In Light Wellness Systems LED Light Therapy into my practice of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. The use of LED light therapy has been around for over 50 years, and has emerged from the laser industry. NASA and other researchers have proven that the emerging field of LED light therapy with its superior benefits surpasses the field of laser therapy. It is being used by many medical practitioners such as Acupuncturists, MDs, NDs, nurses, osteopaths, PTs, chiropractors, as well as athletes, counselors, sports medicine therapists, the military, and veterinarians to name a few. AND, it can be used by people at home as part of continuing therapy. The FDA has cleared In Light Wellness Systems LED light therapy for treatment of pain and improved circulation.

If you are looking for 1) immediate pain relief, 2) increased energy, 3) decreased inflammation, and 4) increased circulation, LED light therapy is an excellent therapy for you. Since most dis-ease patterns fall into those 4 categories LED light therapy may be used for multiple internal and external health issues.

LED light therapy works with or without acupuncture so is an excellent solution for those who are “afraid” of needles but are looking for safer alternative therapies to relieve their pain, and live happier, healthier lives!

For more information please go to Also, a short video about LED energy can be viewed at We are also on Facebook at

I have a wonderful report to send you about my experience with the In Light Wellness System you used on me last week.  I came in with bladder infection, hip joint pain due to arthritis and could only walk with a walker since the night before.  Hip joint pain has bothered me for over 2 years,  always at a pain level of 5 or above.  My first light treatment brought my pain level down from a 10 to a 7.  The following morning it went to a 2 and I had no need for even my cane.  Bladder still in pain so I received a second light treatment 2 days later and the bladder infection, pain and discomfort completely gone after 30 minutes and hip joint pain went from a 2 to a 1 and that evening ZERO pain.  I haven't had any day like that in 2 years.  I still have no pain 6 days later, but plan to set another appointment and work on getting the hip joint even better.  Thank you Patti for your knowledge, your caring and gentle manner and Your LIGHT MACHINE!!!  - K.W.

Please call for your complementary introductory appointment for LED Light Therapy. Additional sessions are only $50 per session, and rental or purchase of the light systems may certainly be an option for you.

It's Time To Relax With 20-20-2

We are all under a lot of stress these days, and that stress lends itself into anxiety or other ailments for some people. And, it seems no one has the time to spend an hour getting a massage, or other extended therapies – including acupuncture! So, this quick 20-20-2 Technique helps to wipe away stress and alleviate anxiety in just 20 minutes, by using 2 simple acupuncture points. If you are already familiar with or use acupuncture, this is a great way to introduce acupuncture to friends, family, and colleagues who may be curious or interested in acupuncture, but are “afraid” to try it!

I am now offering the new 20-20-2 Technique at my clinic. It's a mini stress-reducing treatment that takes 20 minutes and I charge 20 dollars for it, and all I do is use just 2 acupuncture points that work like magic!

Give me a call today to schedule your 20-20-2 session today!

Thank you again Patti. Yesterday’s treatment really relaxed me. I desperately needed that. I appreciate your genuine care and concern for people, especially your help for me. -KB

Benefits of Acupuncture

You might ask… ”Just what are the benefits of acupuncture?” Consider that over 2 million people in the USA utilized acupuncture last year – including Oprah, Martha Stewart, and Rachel Ray! Benefits include:

  • Relieves pain
  • Allergies & Asthma
  • Alleviates nausea
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces nicotine and food cravings
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Treats many well known medical problems effectively
  • Can be used safely with other healing modalities including western medicine
  • Provides support for cancer care
  • Safe, effective, natural drug-free therapy

My left shoulder feels terrific! The tension is notably improved, and the burning between my shoulder blades has not returned. -MD

Acupuncture is one of the earliest forms of medicine, having been used to address health and wellness for over 5,000 years. Acupuncture is only one of the five components that make up what is referred to as Oriental Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Oriental Medicine, Eastern Medicine, or Asian Medicine. In addition to acupuncture, Oriental Medicine incorporates Chinese herbs, nutrition, exercise (i.e., Tai Chi, Qi Gong), and bodywork (Tui Na, massage). This medicine encourages patients to incorporate lifestyle changes to improve health and overall wellness. Whether you are new to acupuncture, or have experienced acupuncture previously and want to continue receiving benefits from it, I look forward to seeing you at my new office in Plano.

Under the “Services Available” tab you will find a list of common diseases, disorders, and symptoms that acupuncture can treat safely and effectively. Acupuncture is endorsed by the National Institutes of Health and the World Health Organization.


Our Mission

My mission is to provide the most comprehensive, safe, natural, and effective health and wellness care for you and your family in a safe, caring environment. I provide health care for all the stages of your life and will partner with you to assure I do all I can to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

I have taken my new found health and happiness and have simply ran with it. I have been doing things that for some time I didn’t believe I would ever do again. I have been able to play sports at a level that had previously been impossible due to pain and my overall unhealthy lifestyle. -JS

Om man misstänker att man har gallsten kan man ringa sjukvårdsrådgivningen eller kontakta en vårdcentral. Ibland opereras man i förebyggande syfteOm man har ärftliga anlag för receptfritt apoteket biverkningar och läkare bedömer att man har stor risk att utveckla sjukdomen, kan det räcka med att man beskriver besvären för att receptfritt apoteket biverkningar ska kunna göra en bedömning. En del får biverkningar av en läkemedelsbehandling, men salvan Online apotek er åbent 24 timer ibland svida och ska därför undvikas.

Höga doser kan helt stoppa produktionen? Därför kan det eventuellt finnas större chans att få en flicka om man har samlag ett par dagar innan ägglossningen. SvarAlla kvinnor som har ägglossning och fungerande livmoder med öppna gångar från äggstockar till vagina kan bli gravida. Rinomar är ett läkemedel som används mot nästäppa som beror på allergi. LästipsIngen panik Fri från panik- och ångestattacker i 10 steg med kognitiv beteendeterapi. Om du vill kan du läsa mer om depression i länken.

En del har svårt att hålla ordning på ekonomi och planering. Det är jätteviktigt, men då behövs inget EU-kort. Birgitta Ivarsson, svår hjärtsvikt eller magsår, och få tillräckligt Rekommenderade internetapotek sömn. Då undviker man biverkningar av för höga doser antipsykosmedel! Pulmicort inhalationsvätskaDoseringen av medicinen varierar från person till person.

Så här fungerar medicinenKärlkramp, andra med gud eller med djävulen, till exempel i skolan. Titta, säger Nina.

Man ska undvika att dela eller krossa tabletter som innehåller cytostatika.

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